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International Travel Guide where you can find information & details about every countries around the world. Comments of the users and useful link where you could find new information of your trips.
Have you ever seen tourist information around the world in your language? usually is not easy to look for local brochure or techenical detail travelling to other countries..
The new electronic technologies are increasing the single tourists who like to be indipendent from Agencies & Tours guide, using any electronic devices as smarthpone, ipad, netbook, pc, etc. and book everywhere hotel, train, ferry and airplane, spur fantasy of travelers (tourists & business men) creating a world comunity breaking the borders, looking for new realties , creating bigger competitive market different then usual habit in restricted areas not helpful for each single.
If you have new ideas and creativity, write and share with us your opinion!
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;everthing אינו רלוונטי באתר זה, אז אתה תישא באחריות על התוכן & צילום הגיש כעת עם הטופס הזה

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(GIAN.B : 1) updated 2010-09-07 18:18:47
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