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International Travel Guide where you can find information & details about every countries around the world. Comments of the users and useful link where you could find new information of your trips.
Have you ever seen tourist information around the world in your language? usually is not easy to look for local brochure or techenical detail travelling to other countries..
open your mind..
The new technologies drive every tourist who like to be free from Agencies & Tours guide, using any electronic devices as smarthpone, ipad, netbook, pc, etc. booking everywhere hotels, trains, ferries and airplanes. A community of travelers are creating a international community looking for new realties and opening new idea of market, creating competition around the world, different then usual style of life restricted to a small town where is not possible to open own mind ..
weekend in Paris..
As a lot of people would like a weekend in Paris, maybe not everyone is able to book a flight by internet looking for a cheaper price also by night or saturday and sunday. A lot of tour operator already offer packages of 3 days (2 nights) 2 people with a special offer flight + hotel. ....Sure, if we make a loan to pay our expensive car, maybe not so much money remain to travel, so you are someone who like to discover new countries or you like so much your country watching the same people and the same places? :)
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some beach for free along italy?
i was looking no so places as a free public service along the sea in a Country like Italy where everything is a payment for the local administration or some their friends along the beach. As I have seen in Australia or Usa . May be as a long list of corruption still working in this country but the European Administration should work better looking any corruption everywhere and it could no possible to accept something like this in Europe..

(GIAN.B : 7) updated 2011-01-02 00:43:26
ok at least the Colosseum remain ...
Good, anyway i found colosseum still remain stand up :).. until some new italian law will try to make a shopping center inside :)

(GIAN.B : 6) updated 2010-09-30 16:17:14
well the same to fiumicino airport...
when i tried to park close to fiumicino airport in Rome, or you pay 6 euro every hour or you can look parking for free little bit far from airport but anyway they can take your car away if is not renting to their "friends" or at least don't show you are a tourist because they will try to stole you..

(MARIA : 5) updated 2010-09-27 00:21:49
terribile parking to Ciampino airport in Rome
I was travelling in Rome to the airport of Ciampino and i was looking a terribile situation of parking, it's like Mafia where they want a payment every hour and if you try to park far from them , they can crash your car and to stole everthing.... and police do nothing...

(GIAN.B : 4) updated 2010-09-27 00:03:34
what is the best airline company to fly in london?
i was looking to use ryanair but after i discovered special offers with other airlines who can start from your closed airport and arriving to the main airport of destination instead of other small airports where i couldn't know how to connect in the capital specially when the flight arrive by night or start very early in the morning..

(MARIA : 3) updated 2010-09-26 23:56:59
london apartments for rent
we are two italian young man lookinf for a cheap lodging in the center of the city. the location must be safe and not far from metro, can you help us? thank you

(MARIOBRACCI : 19) updated 2010-09-19 00:00:53
i foudn only x comments..
I will looking to put a form where is possible to find the stack of every article..

(GIAN.B : 2) updated 2010-09-07 18:13:50
where is possible to write comments?
i am looking everywher but i didn't find place where to post articles...

(GIAN.B : 1) updated 2010-09-07 18:07:11
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ITALY rent apartment..
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