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(1 authentication:
login=HOTELMANAGER password=hotelmanager
2 authentication:
login=ADMIN password=admin

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HotelManager differ from other similar products with his friendly Control Panel with any browser as Explorer(>5.00); Netscape(>4.78) or Firefox(>1.00).
With your personal computer and an existing internet connection you can plan all your Booking & Billing of Rental properties with more then 3 rooms, everywhere in the world .

HOTELMANAGER can be useful for a small or large booking chain who is concerned to give a management of the Network booking to their users, including a service invoicing.
See now the guide vers. HM 1.1 2010

What is not included (supplied by user):
  1. PC or Tablet with any of the following Os.
  2. Operative Systems (Win 98/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista, Linux, Unix OS.) or compatible
  3. Browser (Explorer>=5.00, Nescape>=4*, Firefox>=1*, Chrome) or compatible
  4. Internet connection (ISDN/ADSL "min." or modem 56 Kb. )
Yes unbelievable! compatible with any platform & with any Internet connection!

Modules included:
  1. Booking management
  2. Tableau (attendances/ arrivals/ departures)
  3. Groups
  4. Bill accounts
  5. Invoicing management
  6. Agencies
  7. Backup
  8. User accesses

Extra modules on demand:
  1. Customer files
  2. Invoicing agencies
  3. suspended accounts
  4. ...