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A flexible and simple Network booking management as a web application working anywhere around the world. HotelManager , Hotel Booking & Billing Service as a complete web application Package to every corporations who is concerned for an efficient innovative service!
without downloading any software you can try the FREE TRIAL DEMO!
0.00 euro HotelManager
solution with Banners l..up to 20 rooms!


The first software of Booking & Billing Management available from a Web hosting Server and with unlimited license. For small or large Hotel booking chain is possible to connect anywhere with a Main Control Panel to your Booking office!

Simply using a common internet web pages, your staff can quickly learn how this software work with a user friendly browser as Internet Navigator Explorer(>5.00); Netscape(>4.78) or the new Firefox (>1.00).

You can use with an existing common Op. System such as Windows (95/NT/2000/XP); Linux; Sun Solaris; HP; IBM Aix, & others...

The free solution now has a database limited to 50Mb. + 20 rooms (enough working for 2 years), so you could delete old data records or to increase these values with a small annual fee, so you can verify what you really need year by year instead of to buy a complex software with an expensive annual assistance and maybe without using the real whole cost of it.
Thanks to the new Technology innovation, we are glad to offer a service to everyone who can make profit and grow up their business in Europe and other extra european countries.
Additionally, there are no restrictions of license and amount of connections.

Simple tables to view the content of your database between any device as Smartphone, Ipad, Tablet, ..touchscreens, Computers and Mobile phone with an internet connection. .. sometime we like to use this software in the shops where they sell computers with an existing internet connection.. :)

Why to use HOTELMANAGER service?
  • centralize a Booking service to a international network
  • coordinate the own Work group anywhere around the world with a single Web server
  • to print invoices and table listing anywhere in the world
  • to check rooms availability in real time for several Rental accommodations