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Are you thinking to sell your last Collection or Special Event?

We are planning to make several Video reportage about transports, new other attractions & comments from tourists who's travelling around the most important Cities in Italy & other Countries where thousands of people walk, watch, ask & want know what we are doing...

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Welcome! If you like to be part of our group, beginning Create your account and start to write comments WorldWide in several languages, upload pictures & video, everything positive around the world!

Production & Video-maker

Il Condominio Online
We wish to share new videos as real reportage World-wide specially to show tracks of real life on the Web! Not only foods, news & show business but what kind of positive news happen along the streets of the world. A lot of people enjoy to give their opinions around their trip, to see and to understand what's happening in the city, events, shows, Promotions, etc. Well Done! You need only to create your user and start with us to upload your best video you made travelling anywhere.
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