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The new exciting VJ platform W-TV World Tour Video - Sponsor project where you can upload your reality video as a tour guide and find sponsors.
You don't need to sit in front of your computer, create your job filming the thousands of people travelling, walking, and observing.
There are many others who are interested in knowing about and sharing your real-life experiences.
Sponsors will enjoy the thrill of following you around the most attractive places around the world! Share your videos with us as a real-time report of your town, your country, anywhere!
The Best of Video Web WorldWide!

Thanks to our partner ORAMA VIDEO-makers with their professional service & support, thanks too everyone who will share a new interesting video. We are looking where exists a perfect harmony of civilization, where are right laws increasing the international marketing and where everyone is working in a positive direction!
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Welcome! If you like to be part of our group, beginning Create your account and start to write comments WorldWide in several languages, upload pictures & video, everything positive around the world!

Production & Video-maker

Il Condominio Online
We wish to share new videos as real reportage World-wide specially to show tracks of real life on the Web! Not only foods, news & show business but what kind of positive news happen along the streets of the world. A lot of people enjoy to give their opinions around their trip, to see and to understand what's happening in the city, events, shows, Promotions, etc. Well Done! You need only to create your user and start with us to upload your best video you made travelling anywhere.
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