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We invite you to advertise your Apartment,B&B or Hotel on  website for FREE!
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Here's how ?

Just send us a photo of your apartment with a link to your web page or a short description with some rental prices and contact details, i.e. contact name, telephone number, email address and we'll put them on the site for FREE!! (Please note: are not responsible for the contents of the links or for any other information on linked pages. we don't accept link to pages with information differing to the description!)

How much will it really cost ?

Absolutely NOTHING, it's FREE ! However if you need your own Web page
(example No.1)we create the web page for you as above described.

Currently only the 3 positions of each location are available "as listed" on left of this frame and if to date there aren't any ads in your location, you can use the first 3 positions free until someone subscribes!
Write to us to check for availability and the next expiry position date or insert your ad for free at the bottom of the list; include photo + descriptions in English (see below).

What now ?

choose the location of your accommodation
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